2019 LOST RIGHTS (Nafasi Art space - TIme2dance festival) MY STORY (Moresby Arts Theater – Human Right Film Festival, Port Moresby)

2017 MOVING ID (Russian Cultural Center - Time2dance Festival Dar Es Salaam)

2016 NOSTOS –THE CITY OF NOISE excerpts (National Academy of Dance – Rome) MOVING ID (BARUCH Performing Arts Center, NY- IDACO nyc) WAKUDOKI (Nafasi Art Space - Time2dance Festival Dar Es Salaam)

2015 BAROCCO &CO DUO (the Italian Holiday Traditions Festival /the Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC) UTAMBULISHO (Time2dance Festival Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam) ME_CHANICAL#moving images – TUNNEL CITY  (IDACO nyc - Sheen Center, NY) ME_CHANICAL# moving images (Wild project The CURRENT SESSIONS 2015 ) THE THOUSAND and ONE NIGHT (Alwan for the Arts, NYC)

2014 RED KNOT (TIcino in Danza, Switzerland) BACH for 2 - NOTHING ELSE (White Plains Performing Arts centre, White Plains, NY) ABSTRACT THOUGHTS ( KoDaFe 2014, MMAC, NYC) PIZZICATO FLAVOUR (Purchase collage of performing arts, Purchase NY) 

2013 TRAPPING (Moving sound festival – The little field, Brooklyn) THE BRIDGE (Between the seas festival 2013 - Wild project theatre, NYC) WINTER & PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Purchase collage of performing arts, Purchase NY) BAROCOCO (White Plains performing arts centre)

2012 LOST RIGHTS ( Between the seas festival at Wild project theatre, NYC)TABLEAU VIVANT (92nd Street theatre, green line performance, NYC)THE LAST BEAT 2 (CoolNy 2012 danbce festival, Brooklyn- USA)

2011 THE CITY OF NOISE ( Imperfect dancers - Visa2dance 2011, Dar es Salaam)

2010 LOST RIGHTS ( Visa2dance Festival 2010, Dar es Salaam )

2009 AFRICA…THE LAST BEAT new version ( Invito alla danza Festival, Rome)BLACK IN WHITE ( Visa2dance Festival, Dar es Salaam

2008 BAROCCO&CO DUO new version ( Visa2dance Festival , Dar es Salaam)YOUNG @ ART – African Child Day ( Russian culture centre, Dar es Salaam)

2007 MYTHE et CONTES de GATENGA (Gatenga Theatre, Kigali. Ruanda)BAROCCO&CO DUO (Greco Theatre, Roma)ABOUT POVERTY (Karamje Hall, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)DOGODOGO STORIES (British high commissioner Recidence, Dar es Salaam )IST PERFORMANCE ( IST open air space, Dar es Salaam )

2006 THE LAST BEAT (Melisso theatre, Fucina Off 2006, Spoleto -Italy)STARVOICE PERFORMANCE Weltall / Sturme in Dunkel ( ContemporaneaMente Gruppo Danza, Lanterna Magika, Prague)SUNCYCLE (Auditorium, Rome)

2005 OBLITA PAX (Spoleto Festival, Spoleto -Italy) DUO X DUE (Spoleto Festival, Spoleto -Italy) OTHELLO I (Conservatory of music, Vienna -Austria) TABLEAU VIVANT (ContemporaneaMente Gruppo Danza, Albernotz hotel, Spoleto -Italy) STREET’S IDENTITIES (Mashirika Creative & Performing Arts Ka, Kigali ,Ruanda)

2004 QUASI WALTZ (Festspielhaus St. Polten Austria) QUASI WALTZ SUITE ( Biennale Danza, Venice - Italy)BAROCCO&CO ( Museum Quartier, Vienna -Austria)

2003 IL BALLO DELLE NUVOLE ( Festspielhaus St. Polten – Austria) EXIT ( Halle 1030, Vienna - Austria )

2002 STEPS IN CONCERT ( Brukcnerhaus, Linz - Austria )

2000 SONO SOGNO ( Oden Theatre, Vienna - Austria )

1999 UNO PIU’ TRE ( Odeon Theatre, Vienna - Austria )


Monday, 2020-05-11 04:34

Oct 19, 2019 MY STORY @ The Human Rights Film Festival

@ Moresby Arts Theater, Port Moresby 6pm My Story Choreography, lighting & costumes by:...

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