Hamburg Ballet


In August ’94 she enters the Hamburg Ballet, directed by John Neumeier, where she remains until June ’97. Under the artistic direction of John Neumeier, she has the chance to further enhance her repertoire as a solo dancer, interpreting important roles, developing a more dramatic choreographic vein, using movement to achieve intense dramatic effects. It is also thanks to roles in “Midnight summer dream/ Sleeping Beauty/ Nutcracker/ Cinderella/ 9th Sinfony of Mahaler/ Romeo and Juliet/ Matthaus Passion/ Odissey and Spring and Fall” that she achieves her full “ artistic maturity”

Solo parts in

  • Midsummernight's Dream - J.Neumeier
  • Sleeping Beauty - J.Neumeier
  • Nutcracker - J.Neumeier
  • Cinderella Story - J.Neumeier
  • 9th Symphony of Malher - J.Neumeier
  • Romeo and Julia - J.Neumeier
  • Matthaus Passion - J.Neumeier
  • Calipso in Odyssee - J.Neumeier
  • Spring and Fall - J.Neumeier
  • Theme and variations – G. Balanchine

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