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Moving ID - excerpt


Piece created on May 2016 for IDACO nyc event week. Men and women who wanted to tell their story, their devastating journeys, their frustrated dreams, their hopes and their wrecked dramas suffered in their originary countries. Immigrants are often considered disenfranchised invaders and not a resource for the country's future. The moral value of human beings to ensure decent living conditions should never be sacrificed on the altar of greedy political and economic interests.

Tunnel City - excerpt

Thought thinks, it sees the imagination“ Bruno Munari. Project reworked for 3 dancers within the IDACO nyc 2015 based  on Trapping project realized on 2013. TUNNEL CITY is an interaction between a moving visual text and dancers, which communicates a flow of thoughts. The project is based on Andrea Bianconi’s book ROMANCE. 

The bridge - excerpt

10 min excerpt of a half an hour project created for the Between the seas festival in NY with the collaboration of the Italian Culture Institute NY. “I know that I am, because I know there is other than me ” (J. Tischner). Vanessa Tamburi's creation explores the Bridge as a metaphor: a reflection on identities, borders, on welcome, on exclusion; a reflection on difference as a source of conflict and inspiration.

Trapping - excerpt

The project is based on Andrea Bianconi’s book ROMANCE and will include a video by the same artist, dancers directed by the choreographer Vanessa Tamburi and a musical score composed by Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria& Vanessa Tamburi. The project is a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of intimacy and extroversion an endless chain of associated signs projected on endless moving bodies.

The city of noise - excerpt

It's a 10 min excerpt of half an hour project creatd for Imperfect Dancers, Italy .It is not a choreography, but photographs of the mind, filtered by flashes of life fleetingly captured in the symphonic rhythm of the metropolis, clicks, views, zooms in New York City. The City where energy flows, where the imaginary world of the dreamers combines with the reel rhythm of the body, immersed in the stressing everyday life. Fragments of memory and present. 

Suncycle - excerpt

10 min excerpt of 1 hour lenght show. SUNCYCLE is dance and theatre performance about ENERGY and energetic cycle, fusing together music, images and lights. It explores different aspects of energy, through a development that follows the evolution of human understanding of this fundamental life force.

Africa...The last beat - excerpt

10 min  excerpt piece of a full lenght production. Africa: The Last Beat is a mixture of creative movement, choreography and visual- Traditional / innovative - movement of digital imagery and rhythmic movement / sound. The piece is based on the history of the Rwandan genocide, who is also the story of the indifference of the Western World in  front of dramatic events.

Tableau Vivant

Tableau vivant built on the relentless musical rhythms of Arvo Part, is a choreography that full crossed an intimate connection with the visual arts. The interpreters go through frames and plexi-glass panels that do not exist, or rather they gradually build from scratch. By an overlapping and interpolation of signs, the performers recreate a new work, made of patches of green, blue, red and yellow dripping on faces, hands, bodies and they fill the surrounding space, as a global work of art.

Barocco&co excerpt

At the time of renaissance of the baroque, our culture, saturated with sophistication and rationalism, turns to wilder idols and to more simple cultures. Inspiration lead by instinct. Cultures incapable of creating immortal masterpieces.

The last beat - part 1

The show inspired by a trip to Rwanda and Burundi, expressing a wish to share human and civil against the history of the Rwandan genocide who is also the story of the indifference of the Western World in  front of dramatic events, but perceived as different from their own interests 

The last beat - part 2

Today, 15 years after the genocide, there remain many open questions with no answer. Africa: The Last Beat is a mixture of creative movement, choreography and visual- Traditional / innovative - movement of digital imagery and rhythmic movement / sound.

Black in White

The objective of the project is to develope awareness on the albinos problem in Tanzania. Discrimination against albinos is a serious problem throughout sub-Saharan Africa, many people in Tanzania  believe albinos have magical powers.

Lost Rights

The piece articulates nine scketchs of the life of children in Liberia, Zambia, Somalia, Angola, Ivory Coast and Rwanda: stories of lost rights and dignity. he piece is inspired by “The sky of the last ones”, a book that collects articles written by MARIA GRAZIA CUTULI.


Barocco&co duo

A piece on Baroque spirit and its relationship with primitive spirituality. A parallel with our society and the desire of a woman to free herself from superfluous and to research a different spirituality.

Exit - part 1

The piece presents a deep analysis of the meaning of pain. Confrontation and fight, tension and fear to understand, face and overcome pain

Exit - part 2

The piece develops along two lines: collective pain, caused by man and its inclination to destroy; and private pain, where suffering can be only faced in solitude.… but with the certainty that there is an “EXIT”.

Almost Waltz

A work where movement, music and images are in synthesis. The cinema of Michelangelo Antonioni meets the waltz. An attempt of dialogue between the misunderstanding of reality and  the ideal  of harmony.


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